Mapping Life in Fort McMurray

Diverse Relations of People, Oil, and Place (2007-2009)



Professional in Oil Industry, Resident for Less than a Year, Intraprovincial Move, Asian Canadian, 30s

“My husband moved here last year, last December. He had a job with the Alberta government, so because of that we moved up here.  I found [my job with an oil company] after my husband found a job because I was afraid that we couldn’t get daycare.  So I was interviewing before I had daycare and that was one of the problems was trying to figure out what we’d do about daycare…”

“I have experience in oil and gas and we’re all here for the job. And for us, it’s definitely a better situation for us. My salary I would say was higher in Calgary, but I didn’t have the benefits that I have with this company…None of us are saying that we’ll stay here forever. I mean, I’ve met couples that have stayed here for 25, 30 years. The contract is that we must work here a minimum of two years to not forfeit our relocation package. . .My home base is Calgary in my mind still, so I have no problems moving back to Calgary. The one problem I do have with living here for the long term is really the health system.  Doctors don’t get paid more to come here.  We end up going to emergency at the hospital, but then you get in there, and you get hassled by the doctors – ‘why are you here?,  you’re wasting my time.’”


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