Mapping Life in Fort McMurray

Diverse Relations of People, Oil, and Place (2007-2009)



Tradesperson, Resident for More than a Decade, Intraprovincial Move, English Canadian, 50s

“I was born and raised in Edmonton so come from a big city. You come here and you deal with everything here and you can only take so much. So you have to go and get your sanity back and then come back and do it all over again and that’s– There’s a lot of people here that do the same thing that Stella and I do. You go to Edmonton or Calgary for a weekend at least every two months, three months at the outstretch and then four times a year you’re flying somewhere where it’s warm or just to get away whatever it is. . . A lot of people travel out of Fort McMurray you know in the wintertime to far away destinations by virtue of their jobs they can have a lifestyle that they would probably not have anywhere else because they would never make that kind of money.”


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