Mapping Life in Fort McMurray

Diverse Relations of People, Oil, and Place (2007-2009)

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“Unfortunately, I had to start from scratch. Or I’m starting from scratch again so that’s why I’m out here. There’s no other place I can think of where I can get … Continue reading

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“Usually you work long days and you just want to go home and sleep…Waking up at 5 in the morning, go down and get some breakfast right? Leave actually the … Continue reading

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“I came in Canada in 2001 and I have been staying in Winnipeg for 5 years. I spent my high school down there and then I worked in a company. … Continue reading

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“This represents not living month to month. I can have time to learn things and I don’t worry about– So I feel like perhaps I don’t deserve to be where … Continue reading

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